Top Irrigation System Options for Your Residential Property

Is the Installation of a Sprinklers System, the Best Thing You Can Do to Irrigate Your Lawn Properly?

Sprinklers System

Plants need water in order to perform basic photosynthesis and survive. They also need light, of course. If both of these conditions are present, they take in carbon and then give off oxygen. Plants help us control a number of greenhouse gases in the air that we breathe. In fact, humans and other animals breathe in the oxygen that plants give of. This is why, it is that important to keep our yards green and healthy. The more we care about our yard and household plants, the more oxygen they produce, and the purer the air we breathe becomes.

Irrigating our plants with the proper type of underground systems and a sprinklers system will take us one step closer to the desired lawn maintenance and to the increased oxygen levels as a result of photosynthesis. But how does a lawn irrigation system work?

  • In-ground irrigation. It is ideal for lawns and other large unobstructed areas. Pipes are buried in the soil and a central water line sends water through all of the pipes. Strategically placed retracting sprinkler heads are located throughout your yard. These sit flush with the ground’s surface when retracted. When the water is turned on, the pressure in the pipe pushes up the sprinkler heads and water emerges.

  • Drip irrigation. It is ideal for small vegetable and flower gardens within your yard. It uses thin hoses which are linked to a central water line by a main feeder hose. Drip emitters are placed at specific locations and provide a manually controlled flow of water.

  • Automatic irrigation systems with system controls. You need to set them in advance in order to tell the sprinklers system at what time of the day to begin irrigating and when to stop. A proper timer will allow you to plan the usage of your irrigation water properly and damage the water resources lost due to evaporation.

  • Manual irrigation systems. They need to be turned on and off each time you want to water your lawn. They require more attention and can result in over-watering. If you want to save more money, wasting less water and grow a healthy lawn and garden, turn to Oasis Well Drilling Irrigation of Orlando, FL. We are a local irrigation company familiar with different types of sprinklers that you can use to optimize your irrigation process. Book our services at (407) 205-0167, and you will soon enjoy water savings and a greener view from your window!

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